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Why don't you allow me to surrender At thy feet for the fragrance of which- I have waited for a million years A fragrance that began as motherhood And then took the form of a son's longing for a lullaby
Those flowers are constantly being showered From eyes made of starry nights I a story woven into it Feel close yet so far For stories need to be converted into realities And truth Truth ought to be embraced
The grass smells your feet And I am running madly in the meadow Searching for you everywhere All of a sudden a voice calls from within Makes me understand That I am finally near you
The warmth of blessings The magic of your powers The magnificence of  a divine light The roar of the mightiest thunder I see all of it in front of me Oh!But where are you?
There!There! There you are my mother Mother what are you showing me You are showing a path through you That shall liberate me I am neither a yogi nor a scholar who has dreams of   attaining super consciousness Or to know the u…

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